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The Wetherbee Group got its beginnings in November of 1999 when its founder, Tedd Wetherbee, accepted an invitation to West Africa to explore the business opportunities arising from the first democratically elected government in 2 decades.  Mr. Wetherbee called Lagos, Nigeria his home for the next decade and built two successful enterprises during this time.
Tedd Wetherbee
Founder & CEO

Tedd's work and life experiences span 3 continents and run across varied business sectors. 


Beginning with the United Nations, in 1994, Tedd moved to Geneva, Switzerland where he spent 4 years working for this prestigious international organization; expanding his worldview and broadening his language skills to include Spanish and French.


While working in Europe and traveling extensively on U.N. missions he managed to form close relationships with many of his fellow “citizens of the world”.  It was precisely these realtionships that led him to the next stage of his career – business development in West Africa.


In 1999, Tedd moved to Lagos, Nigeria and formed Maya Procurement Services, Ltd. in order to assist the Nigerian Government with much-needed infrastructure rebuilding.  As CEO and Managing Director, he grew Maya into the Federal Government’s leading supplier of durable goods and consulting services in sectors as varied as transportation (supply of heavy equipment & road building contracts), power (production/supply & distribution), and contract negotiation and brokerage on behalf of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


His success as a respected and trusted source of goods and services to the government led to his being granted the opportunity to select his projects at his discretion. The Wetherbee Group’s involvement with the successful rehabilitation of turbines 1 & 4 of the Shiroro hydropower station in 2004, gave Tedd a new perspective on the production and distribution of power to the masses.  In April of 2004, he formed Solex Energy Services to supply the government with solar powered products that would help alleviate some of the burden the average Nigerian faced in terms of power supply.  In a short 18 months, Solex became the largest supplier and installer of solar powered street lighting in the world and went on to sell over 10,000 units ($50mn USD) of solar products to the Nigerian government over the course of the next 4 years. 


With the birth of their second child in 2007, the Wetherbee family decided it was time to return and see what contributions could be made on this side of the world.  In 2008, they settled on the Pacific Coast of Mexico where they soaked up the incredible Mexican culture and planned the next stage of their lives.  After 4 years of idyllic living in a tiny fishing village, the Wetherbees returned to the US where they now reside outside of Seattle and spend their time contributing to the local community as well and looking for the opportunities that will allow them to continue to enjoy life while giving back to the world both locally and internationally.  The Wetherbees currently reside in beautiful Gig Harbor, WA. 

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