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The Wetherbee Group has assisted a number of clients with business launches, procurement, design, location scouting and contract negotiation.  A few of our satisfied customers are listed below.

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“Without the help of The Wetherbee Group, we would have never made it to our goal of launching our business on time and in the right manner.  TWG was essential to our success...”

Brian Stroh, President & CEO

​​​CannaMan Farms, Vancouver, Washington

"The success of the 8th All Africa Games was due in great part to the assistance provided by The Wetherbee Group.  Their sourcing of the catering services and contract negotiation on behalf of the Games Committee and the Federal Government of Nigeria left us set up to carry out this enormous task with confidence.  TWG stayed on top of the demands of this huge undertaking and assisted us every step of the way..."

Dr. Amos Adamu

Managing Director


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