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On this page you will find a few of the various projects that The Wetherbee Group is currently involved in assisting to bring to market.
CannaMan Farms
Organic Agricultural Operation

With the implementation of Initiative 502 in Washington State, The Wetherbee Group has begun to focus on assisting cannabis related clients with sourcing investors, real estate and legal counsel.  CannaMan Farms is an organic farming operation that will now be dedicated to the production of “boutique” cannabis for consumption in the legal retail market in Washington.  TWG was instrumental in locating the adequate property for production and has consulted with both State and Local governments to ensure a smooth start up for Cannaman Farms.  UPDATE: The Wetherbee Group is happy to announce that its client, CannaMan Farms of Vancouver, WA, was awarded the 4th license in the State of Washington for production.  CannaMan Farms is currently in full operation and hopes to deliver its first harvest just in time for retail operations.  Congratulations to Brian Stroh, President, on his success and best of luck!


the gallery
Cannabis Retailer


The Wetherbee Group has partnered to open the gallery, a state-licensed retail marijuana company that began legal sales of cannabis and cannabis infused products in March of 2015. The path was not easy as regulations, zoning matters and public acceptance presented many roadblocks the startup of the gallery.  TWG was instrumental in sourcing qualifying locations for the establishment of retail outlets and interacted with State and local agencies to ensure that all rules/requirements have been and will be met. 

Jewlery with a Conscience


Abeja is a jewelry company launched in January of 2014.  Founded upon the principle that giving back is the motivation for success, Abeja sought out The Wetherbee Group in order to benefit from its extensive knowledge base in regards to African and Mexican artisans as well as TWG’s former role as a solar powered product supplier.  Abeja intends to donate a portion of its proceeds to the purchase of solar powered lighting, water pumps and water purification systems for those in need.  The Wetherbee Group has assisted Abeja with sourcing legal counsel for the establishment of its non-profit foundation as well as putting Abeja in contact with the necessary investors, designers, financial advisers and brand managers.

Solex Energy Service
Renewable Energy Product Supplier


The Wetherbee Group was the founding company of Solex Energy Services, incorporated in 2004.  Solex is a dynamic company specializing in alternative, clean and renewable energy necessary to meet the ever increasing needs of a rapidly industrializing world.  Solex has established itself as one of the largest suppliers and installers of solar powered streetlights in the world.  With over 10,000 solar powered streetlights installed in Nigeria, Solex has attained its short-term goal of becoming the dominant player in the solar lighting industry in Nigeria (the largest market in Africa) and are currently expanding operations to other parts of Africa, the Middle east, Asia and Latin America.


The Wetherbee Group maintains a vested interest in the operations of Solex and continues to play a key role in project development and client management.



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